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Using LinkedIn for Your Health Business and Wellness Freelancing

I know, I know what you’re thinking – LinkedIn is BORING!

I get it, LinkedIn kind of feels like a virtual office and might not seem like the sexiest platform out there right now.

You've probably just started having FUN with creating Reels on IG and making TikToks... but how much of your time and effort on those platforms is actually converting into sales?

Using LinkedIn for your health business and wellness freelancing can be a powerful tool. It's amazing for making connections, growing your business, and landing high end clients… and THAT is sexy!😏

In this blog post, I share my tips for making money in your health/wellness business on LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn when you're just getting started, and why I prefer LinkedIn (for business) over other social media platforms.

Using LinkedIn for Your Health Business and Wellness Freelancing

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Health Business and Wellness Freelancing

If you didn't know, LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. It allows you to connect with businesses and individuals, as well as join groups filled with like-minded people who share the same interests and goals as you do.

LinkedIn is a great place to learn from others and share valuable information to position yourself as a leader or authority figure in your field.

You can follow different companies and organizations that you're interested in or that are related to your field of work or study. You can then keep up with their posts on news, events, initiatives, new hires, and so on. You can make new connections, network with past co-workers and classmates, find old friends - but most importantly, find your next client or customer!

LinkedIn has become my favorite social media platform (for business) for several reasons

First of all, LinkedIn has more of a professional focus when compared to other social media platforms. Most people use Facebook to connect with their friends and family members, and many people use Instagram or TikTok for entertainment, but when it comes to LinkedIn, most people are on the platform for business or professional reasons.

As a business owner or freelancer, this often makes LinkedIn much more useful because all of the users are there to network and learn about others in their industry. Many people, companies, and organizations use LinkedIn as a search tool to find the right person for a role their trying to fill. This means that you're more likely to find people who actually want to hire you or work with you!

Secondly, 40% of LinkedIn users makes a yearly income of $80,000 USD or higher.💰 That means the people on this platform have more money to spend! There are over 730 million users on LinkedIn, and 4 out of 5 of them are decision makers for businesses. So, you're more likely to find people who will buy your products and services here than on other social media platforms.

Fun fact: 38% of LinkedIn users are NOT on Instagram. This means that LinkedIn could be a new goldmine for your business and a way to access that additional 38% of people your missing on IG!

Now you might be thinking... "I don't have time for another social media platform"

One of the BEST benefits I've found from using LinkedIn, compared to other social platforms, is that it's much easier for me to convert my connections into clients for the time spent on the platform.

Using LinkedIn for Your Health Business and Wellness Freelancing

For example, with Instagram you need to build up a lot of "know, like, and trust" with your audience before they will buy from you.

You need to show your face, create videos/reels, share stories, post regularly, and make sure you are engaging with people every day...

But with LinkedIn, people are already on the platform with the intention of doing business, so they don't need as much warming up!

That being said, there are still a few things you can/should do on LinkedIn to increase your connections and your influence.

Tips to Increase Your Connections and Influence as a Health/Wellness Practitioner on LinkedIn:

1) Make sure your profile is completely filled out and fully optimized.

2) Invite your contacts (LinkedIn gives you an option to invite people from your email contacts or other social platforms) and search for people to connect with that you know IRL.

3) Don't be afraid to direct message people. Introduce yourself and your business or your services in a message to someone who you'd like to work with - you'll be surprised how often this turns into a sale!

4) Share useful content/posts/articles at least once a week that people would find valuable and helpful. I find that educational and inspirational posts both do really well.

5) Engage with other people's content that you find interesting.

After you have your profile set up and have found some people to connect with, start creating posts (you can repurpose content from your other social media platforms) and spend about 20 minutes per day Monday to Friday engaging with people and content on the platform. It's that easy!

This has been my strategy on LinkedIn for over two years now and it's generated me WAY more clients in 12 months than any other social media platform - without making me feel like I have to keep on top of social trends and create silly videos.😅

If you've found this blog post helpful, please feel free to send me a connect request! I would love to be part of your network on LinkedIn.






I think I need to get on LinkedIn 😅

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