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That's me!

I actually "get" what you do and fully understand the challenges that come along with being a wellpreneur. Before becoming a virtual assistant, I was running my own health and wellness business as a registered holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher.  I was working 1:1, running online group programs, designed my own recipe books, and hosted yoga retreats abroad. I understand the struggle of trying to find virtual balance and I can help you achieve it.

After becoming successful in building and leveraging my own platforms to maximize business, I now combine my skills and experience to serve other wellness entrepreneurs in the industry.

You can read more about my entrepreneurial story on the blog :)

Seek help from people who know the way!

“Stop asking people for directions who have never been where you want to go”. - Amber Seers

Okay, let's get real...

Before you became certified in your field, I bet nobody pre-warned you that you’d also need to be a marketing pro, web designer, social media manager, SEO wizard, and copywriter.  #amiright ?


As wellness professionals, we’re expected to show up fully for our clients and customers; but how can you show up fully when you feel like you’re lost in the digital technicalities that come along with having an online presence? I remember the daunting feeling of this realization, but now it’s so rewarding to be the one helping others out of this dilemma.

My experience with website design, digital marketing, and social media management coupled with my in-depth knowledge of the health and wellness industry makes me the perfect missing piece to support you and your business virtually.

Let me help you with what I’m best at, so that you can do more of what you’re best at.

The Virtuwell Balance signature program...

Vibe Online!

VIBE stands for Vision, Insight, Build, Execute. This is my personal approach to getting clear, consistent, and confident with your Instagram strategy so that you can start to attract dream clients with ease! VIBE Online can be purchased as a self-study course, OR get access to the course plus 1:1 support and guidance by yours truly :)

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