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Meet our Wix Design and Marketing Experts 

First of all, let's get real for a moment...

Before you started your health, wellness or fitness business, I bet nobody warned you that you’d also need to be a marketing pro, web designer, social media manager, SEO wizard, copywriter... and the list goes on!


As service-based professionals, we’re expected to show up fully for our clients and customers; but how can you show up fully when you feel lost in the digital technicalities that come along with owning a business? I remember the daunting feeling of this realization, but now it’s so rewarding to be the one helping others out of this dilemma.

Owner & Creative Director

Shayah Reed

I actually "get" what you do and fully understand the challenges that come along with being an ambitious health and wellness entrepreneur. I understand the struggle of trying to do ALLLL the things, show up for your clients/customers, have a personal life, and create balance with everything!


Before Virtuwell Balance, I built a virtual health and wellness business as a registered holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher.  For 4 years I was working 1:1 with clients, running online group programs, designed my own recipe books, and hosted yoga retreats abroad. I built my own website, ran email marketing campaigns, grew a loyal social media following, and sold out my first yoga retreat in Nicaragua. I learned A LOT along the way about how to create a virtual health, wellness, or fitness business.

After becoming successful in building and leveraging my own platforms to grow my revenue and increase my impact, I realized I also had a passion for design and digital marketing. This is how Virtuwell Balance was born!


I now combine my skills and experience to serve other entrepreneurs in the health/wellness/fitness space. With the help of the VB team, we have supported hundreds of other wellness business with growing their revenue and increasing their impact.

​You can read more about my entrepreneurial story on the VB blog!

Shayah Muller Wix Consultant & Expert
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Meet the rest of the VB team


Copy Specialist

Madison Hord

Madison is responsible for helping our website clients create impactful copy that speaks to their ideal customers. She will support you through our content prep process, assist you with proofreading and editing until your copy is polished and ready for the site! Madison also helps our clients with copy for blogging and email marketing.


Brand Designer

Lauren Walsh

Lauren is responsible for guiding our clients through a fun, fast, and friendly branding experience. She will help bring your business to life through creative strategy and intentional design. Lauren works with you to not only create a brand identity that you love, but one that attracts your ideal clients!


Website Designer

Lea Hamley

Lea (pronounced Lee) is responsible for designing the bulk of our websites. She designs Wix sites based on the client's copy, content and branding. She also helps with the design of sales pages, landing pages, and other add-on design features. Lea also helps our clients with blogging and email marketing.


Brand + Web Designer

Shiva Nassiri

Shiva is skilled with both branding and web design. She is responsible for guiding our clients along a fun, fast, and friendly branding experience with creative strategy and intentional design. Shiva also optimizes all of our client's websites for mobile viewing and provides ongoing support for edits and updates as needed.


SEO Specialist

Dana Kahrim

Dana is responsible for optimizing all of our client's websites with basic SEO foundations. Beyond this, Dana supports many of our clients with an SEO blog strategy or a campaign. Whether you own an online business or a local clinic/studio/spa, you can count on a monthly SEO campaign to increase your organic search engine traffic!

Ready to work with us?

Our experience with website design, branding, blogging & email marketing, and search engine optimization coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the health and wellness industry, this makes us the perfect missing piece to support you and your business virtually.  Let us help you start or grow your business!

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