Brand Design

Are you ready for people to take your business seriously?

Statistics show that companies with high quality branding are often seen as more trust worthy, more legitimate, and more established than companies who don't...

It's time to get branded!

Creating your Brand Identity

No more struggling to attract your dream clients!  We'll help you create a brand identity that draws them in :) 

We'll help you build a strong and purposeful foundation for your brand's story through creative strategy and intentional design.

Our brand identity design consists of a primary logo, secondary logo, brand fonts, colour pallet, mood board, style guide, and a bonus file reference sheet.

After this experience you will walk away with a consistent, high quality and professional brand that attracts your ideal clients/customers.

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A few brands we've designed recently...


Our Branding Process

We’ve created a fun, friendly and fast brand design process that moves from start to finish in just three weeks!


We provide you with a comprehensive branding questionnaire to complete which give us a clear idea of your values, mission, and your ideal clients/customers. We also ask you to create a Pinterest board to gather inspirations of design styles you life/don't like.

Then, you will be asked to approve a mood board which includes your colour pallet and represents your brand's vibe. 

From there, you will move onto the primary logo and brand fonts. You will have plenty of time to give feedback and view revisions.


After the primary logo and font styles are approved, our brand stylist will create your secondary logo!

Once the logos are ready (yay!) everything will be organized into a style guide for you and all branding files will be stored in a shared google drive.


Let’s get you started!

What to Expect while Working with Virtuwell Balance


We’ve created a comprehensive branding questionnaire which helps us understand your mission, values, and your ideal clients/customers.  We also ask you to create a Pinterest board full of design styles to give us inspiration on what you like/don't like in terms of colour, fonts, vibe, mood, etc.  You then work 1:1 with our brand stylist to bring it all together and make the magic happen!


All communication, feedback and revisions will take place in our project management system called Asana. We will also ask you to use Pinterest in order to gather branding  inspirations (most clients enjoy doing this!) Everything will be organized in a shared google drive folder for easy access and storage of your final branding files.


With open communication, my team and I will implement all of your requests and fine details to truly reflect your vision and mission. We keep you informed at each stage of the project and you will have plenty of time for check-ins, questions and revisions. After this experience you will walk away with a consistent, high quality and professional brand that attracts your ideal clients/customers.

Your branding package will include...

  • Comprehensive branding questionnaire

  • Mood board & colour pallet

  • Main logo

  • Secondary logo

  • 2-3 brand fonts

  • Style guide

  • File resource

  • Plenty of time for feedback & revisions

  • Social media mock ups of your logos

  • Shared google drive folder for storage

  • Communication & project management in Asana

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