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14 Elements to a Profitable Sales Page

I'm sharing this blog post today to give you my best advice (and most important elements) for creating a sales page that converts. We help our clients create sales pages on their websites for all kinds of different products and offerings, but ​ideally, you should have a sales page for each of your services on your website too.

14 elements to properly scale your business

Maybe you're still wondering - what is a sales page??

If you’ve ever invested in a coaching program, bought a course or digital product online, or paid for any done-for-you services, you’ve probably seen a sales page. In the online biz world, it’s the last point of contact before the conversion, which makes it the MOST important piece of content in your sales strategy!

Sales pages can be REALLY EPIC, or DAMN they can be soooo bad.🤦‍♀️

As I’ve bought lots of courses and digital products, successfully launched my own courses, and helped LOADS of clients create profitable sales pages and websites... I’ve learned a thing or two (or fourteen!) about what makes a profitable sales page.

Below are the 14 elements every effective sales page needs:

Attention-grabbing headline🤩

Use the language of your ideal customer and communicate exactly what you’re selling!

“Do you feel…” copy😞

Tap into the pain points of your audience and show them that you GET IT.

“Here’s why…” copy🤗

Identify the underlying problem behind their pain points, and show that you’ve got some insight they may not have had before.

️Paint a picture of what’s possible🙌 ️

Don’t just share numbers, share a full picture of what’s possible in their life, business or whatever else you’re helping transform.

Benefits of your offering😍

What can they hope to experience? What makes your offering better than others like it?

About you👋

Who are you, and why should they trust you? Talk about how you overcame the same hurdles, and the success you’ve had since.

Features and details of your offering☑️

What does it include? What is the structure like?

‍Who is this for, and who is it NOT for?🤔

Be honest about what makes someone a good AND bad fit for this offer. If it’s not a good fit, you don’t want an unhappy customer!

What to expect🌈

What will happen when they sign up? Will you send a welcome pack, or will they be directed to the Facebook group? What is the process?

Testimonials with figures📈

Social proof is powerful, but it’s MOST powerful when it’s specific! Share stories of growth and profit, especially those that have specific figures in them.

Sense of urgency⏳

Urgency is one of the most powerful ways to sell. Letting people know that spots are limited, bonuses are expiring and time is running out will help motivate them to buy.


Hopefully you’re creating bonuses to go with your launch, so this is where you share all about them! If these are things you usually sell, share how much they’re getting for free.

Tackle objections👊

If you don’t think your ideal customers will have objections, think again. This is where you call out and then address the main objections you can think of, like: ROI, cost, time commitment, and effectiveness.

One strong call to action🚨

Don’t overthink it; a simple “Sign Up Now” or “Click Here” or "Buy Now" can be way more powerful than some clever attempt at getting people to follow through.

And then time to CELEBRATE!!!

Put all those elements together, and you’ll have yourself an absolutely #WINNING sales page! This can be used for digital products, online courses, group programs, 1:1 services, retreats or workshops, and everything in between.

Once you have this formula down, it’ll save you LOADS of time and creative energy trying to decide what to write on your sales page.😉

If you want help creating not just EPIC sales pages but a fully fledged epic WEBSITE that converts your audience into clients, you are in the right place my friend! Apply to work with Virtuwell Balance using the form below.👇


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