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SEO Services for Health and Wellness Websites

Want to increase your organic search results?

We've got you covered

Whether you own an online holistic coaching business or a local chiropractic clinic, you can count on our SEO campaigns to improve your website traffic!

Search Engine Optimization for Health and Wellness Businesses

Our Wix SEO services are for ambitious service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about bringing more traffic to their website!

While we can all agree that having a stunning website is a necessity in today’s digital age, what happens behind the scenes and on the back end of your website is equally as important.

All of our website packages include the SEO basics, but beyond this, many of our clients purchase an SEO campaign to help increase their organic search results - this means more traffic on your website and ultimately more leads and sales (yay!)


We want to help you help more people

​With a proper SEO strategy and implementation, you can ensure you’re reaching more of your ideal clients so you can make a bigger impact in the world.


Your ideal clients are out there, let us help them find you!


There are 2 main types of SEO


This option is great for yoga studios, health clinics, gyms, spas, cafes and restaurants, any practitioners with a physical store front/address, or other brick and mortar businesses.

When was the last time you searched “coffee shop near me”? Surprise, that is a local search! Almost HALF of all Google searches are seeking local information so you’re missing a huge opportunity if you are a local business and your website isn’t optimized for local search.


This option is for entrepreneurs with online practices, coaches, bloggers, designers, influences, content creators, or tech companies. Pretty much anyone with an online business looking to reach an organic audience at a non-location specific level can benefit from this!

Our blogging and content marketing strategy is a great way to help establish authority in your niche, both for your audience and search engines. This also supports your SEO efforts through effective keyword usage and content structuring.

What SEO package is right for your business?

If you're not sure, we can complete a basic audit to help you decide!



This package is recommended as a starting point to get you set up for success and will cover all the foundational optimizations. We start with a basic SEO audit of your current website, and then conduct in-depth keyword research and a competitive analysis to determine the best target keywords to reach your goal. Finally, we implement your on-page optimizations and set up your analytics as needed. All setups include a 45 minute call with our SEO specialist and a custom "next steps” document with personalized tips for you to keep improving your SEO.

This package is perfect if you're looking to get started with SEO and gain experience implementing strategic action items.


This package includes a lead-focused content strategy perfect for an online business. We start with a competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research to put together 8 blog suggestions targeted to your goals. You will receive target keywords, suggested titles, suggested length, and competitors for reference. You will also receive a 'DIY SEO Cheat sheet' to support and guide you in implementing the strategy, which includes custom Loom videos tailored to your website.

This package is perfect if you have a well optimized website, but you are hoping to add insight and strategy to your current SEO efforts.


On-going campaigns include everything you need to move the needle organically. With these packages, we take care of everything from content to backlinks and design. We also meet with you monthly to review your progress. This package has a 4-6 month minimum (depending on the type of business) and then has the option to continue month by month.

This package is best for the busy business owner looking to increase their organic leads without having to learn the ropes of SEO.

Ready to work together?

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