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Website Redesign, Edits & Updates

Need help making some edits or updates to your Wix Website?

Let us handle it!

We offer Wix redesigns, edits and updates to the existing content or design on your Wix website at your request for an hourly rate or one-time package price.

Wix Website Support & Maintenance

Is your website outdated and needing some TLC?


Do you want to make changes on your website but you're afraid of messing up the design and aesthetic?


Maybe you just want help adding a few new blogs?


No worries! Let us handle your edits and updates so that you can focus on your clients/customers and what you do best (yay!)


As you and your business change or grow, your website needs to reflect that!

Whether you are hiring new team members, creating new products, revamping your services, or launching something totally new, your website should be your best friend in marketing and showcasing all of these exciting changes.


What do we consider edits and updates?

  • Adding or editing content on your website

  • Changing photos

  • Adjusting spacing and alignment issues

  • Mobile design

  • Speed optimizations

  • Designing, posting, scheduling of blog posts

  • Designing, posting, scheduling of email newsletters

  • Adding products to your shop

  • Creating new pages and sales pages

  • Creating forms and opt-ins

And so much more!!

Thinking about a Website Redesign?

There's a number of reasons why many of our clients hire us for a website redesign on Wix, a few common reasons include...

 their current website is SO outdated and not reflective of their business anymore.

 their current website is built on a non-user-friendly platform and they constantly struggle to make basic edits and updates (ex. Wordpress)

 the previous designer they worked with just didn't get their vibe/style and they are not happy with the outcome of the website.

they recently got a new logo/branding and want a fresh new website that's consistent with their brand.


This option is best if you have a list of small edits to completed, such as: changing photos, adjusting spacing and alignment issues, adding or editing content, creating a new form, updating your team page with a new employee, adding a new product to your shop, etc.

Complete our application form and explain what you need in terms of edits/updates and we will let you know if hourly or package is best!


This option is best for larger edits and updates such as: Wix website redesigns, mobile website design, adding new pages and sales pages, designing/publishing/scheduling blog posts and email newsletters, ongoing support with regular content needs, etc. 


Complete our application form and explain what you need in terms of edits/updates and we will let you know if hourly or package is best!

We have two options for completing your Wix edits + updates

Ready to work together?

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