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Website Design for Health & Wellness Practitioners 

Where do you want to be with your business in one year from now?

You don’t want to look back and wish you started sooner.  When you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime planning, studying, and getting ready for it.

I was there, I get it!


Don’t let perfectionism or a fear of failing be an excuse for never getting started.

A Website is the Foundation for your Health Business

We'll help you build a strong and purposeful foundation for your business through creative strategy and intentional design.

Maybe you just started your business and have no idea how to go about creating a beautiful yet functional website? Maybe your current website is outdated? Or maybe the last designer you worked with just didn't get your vision?

We’ll work together to craft your personalized online home to clearly and beautifully communicate the unique value you offer. 

Wondering why we LOVE Wix above all other platforms?

Wix website design example

Your wellness website package will be customized to your needs and can include:

  • 1:1 content planning consultation with our Copy Specialist 

  • Customized content planning document to guide you in writing your website copy + feedback & proof reading

  • Full custom design & layout of your web pages

  • Digital Marketing Setup (for Blogging & Email Marketing)

  • Basic E-commerce for digital products

  • Affiliate shop for all of your partnerships

  • Domain and hosting connected to Wix

  • 3rd party platforms & HIPPA tools connected as needed

  • Fully optimized for mobile viewing

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization on all pages & SEO report


Want our Copy Specialist to write your website Copy for you? Add copywriting for an additional fee per page.

Need branding too? We got you!

  Custom payment plans are available.

What to Expect while Working with Virtuwell Balance


It’s always hard to start on a blank piece of paper. That’s why we’ve created a guided workbook to help you layout the content for your site. You will receive your personalized workbook and instructions after your consultation call with our content specialist. We also provide feedback on your content including proofreading and editing. Everything will be organized in a shared google drive for easy collaboration.


All website clients are required to have professional branding before we begin the website design phase. If you already have branding, great! If not, we'll work with you to create a stand out brand identity! After this experience you will walk away with a consistent, high quality and professional brand that attracts your ideal clients/customers. Use this branding across all of your business marketing.


Wix is a fully customizable website design platform with an extremely user-friendly interface.  With Wix, our clients are easily able to make updates and changes to their own website without having to hire a designer. Ascend is the CRM platform that comes integrated with your new Wix website which you can use for email marketing, invoicing/billing, etc.


With open communication, my team and I will implement all of your requests and fine details to truly reflect your vision and brand identity. We keep you informed at each stage of the project timeline and you will have plenty of time for check-ins, questions and revisions. After we launch your site you'll get a personalized tutorial on how to manage your new website!

Our Website Design Process

We’ve created a fun, friendly and fast website design process that moves from start to finish in just six weeks!

Phase 1:
Getting started

First, we set up the shared google drive folders and Asana project management board. Then provide you with a comprehensive website questionnaire to complete as well as a website inspiration doc. We also ask you to book a video call with our content specialist so she can explain our copy writing process and begin to create your content planning document!


Thinking about a Website Redesign and switching to Wix?

There's a number of reasons why many of our clients hire us for a website redesign on Wix, a few common reasons include...

 their current website is SO outdated and not reflective of their business anymore.

 their current website is built on a non-user-friendly platform and they constantly struggle to make basic edits and updates (ex. Wordpress)

 the previous designer they worked with just didn't get their vibe/style and they are not happy with the outcome of the website.

they recently got a new logo/branding and want a fresh new website that's consistent with their brand.

"Before working with Virtuwell Balance I felt like my services were disjointed and not really clearly described or expressed through my website. ⁠ Now, I have more confidence in sending people to my website. It looks professional yet authentic to me and my vision for my business.⁠ ⁠Working with Virtuwell Balance was a fun and growth-inducing experience - I learned a lot in the process! I also felt like the team was really trying to understand my vision and create a clear representation of that through the website and all of its elements.⁠ ⁠ My favorite thing was that my brand's vision was completely seen and understood. I also really loved how organized everything was.⁠ ⁠ I think one of the biggest reasons why I am so happy about the outcome and this experience (aside from the fact that I LOVE the logo and website) is because I connect with Virtuwell Balance as a business, as well as feel aligned with Shayah and her love of travel, freedom, entrepreneurship, health, etc. I feel like if that weren't the case, perhaps the logo and website wouldn't reflect my business/brand as well as it does now."⁠

Caroline Young / Yoga-Based Nutritionist + Registered Dietitian

Health and Wellness Web Design Reviews

Ready to create your dream website?

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