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Organic Marketing & Intentional Design

Web Design, Branding, and Digital Marketing for Health and Wellness Practitioners

​Virtuwell Balance is a women owned and operated design and marketing agency empowering health and wellness businesses to grow their revenue and increase their impact!

Let me guess...

You’re a smart, passionate, heart-led practitioner. A total go-getter doing the work you know you’re meant to do in the world?


You want to spend less energy working on designing, automating and marketing your awesome business, and more energy doing the amazing work you love?

You're in the right place!

Shayah Reed Virtuwell Balance owner design and marketing for clinics, spas, gyms, studios

Designed to Thrive

Our Signature Service

What Will You Get?

You will end up with a holistic brand identity that attracts your ideal clients, a marketing strategy that brings in leads, and a beautiful yet functional website with copy that converts!

✓ 6 Strategy Sessions during the Project
✓ Custom Brand Identity
(2 logos, fonts, color palette)
✓ Full Website Copy Writing 
✓ Design and Layout of up to 8 Web Pages
✓ Website Optimized for Mobile Viewing

✓ Advanced SEO Set-Up (on-page optimizations plus GBP & GA4)
✓ Email Marketing Welcome Sequence (copy writing & design) 
✓ Blogging & Email Marketing Training Videos
✓ Off-Boarding Website Tutorial 

TIMELINE:  From start to finish in 90 days - YES, that means launched within 3 months!

Who Is This For?

Health & Wellness Coaches, Private Practice Clinicians, Allied Health Professionals, and Functional Practitioners

We're here to help you grow your practice so you can make more revenue and create a bigger impact. This package is a combination of our services that provide our clients with the highest ROI and the most success in a short amount of time.

Your new website will integrate seamlessly with Fullscript, Jane App, Practice Better, and any other HIPAA tool you'll need as an online Health Professional. 


A-La-Carte Design & Marketing Services

Work with our brand stylist to create a logo, colour pallet, and fonts that reflects your business values and mission. After this experience you will have a consistent, high quality, professional brand identity that attracts your ideal clients/customers. Use this branding across all of your digital and physical marketing materials.

Through creative strategy and intentional design, we'll work together to craft a personalized online home for your health business that clearly communicates the unique value you offer! We include copywriting support for all websites and will implement all of your requests and fine details to truly reflect your vision and mission.

Search Engine Optimization

All of our websites include basic SEO, but beyond this, many of our clients purchase an ongoing SEO campaign to help increase their organic search results. Whether you own an online coaching business or a local yoga studio, you can count on a monthly SEO campaign to improve your website traffic!

Our digital marketing packages use a mix of blogging and email marketing to help position you as an authority in your industry, grow your email list, and nurture your leads! This includes blog and email copy writing, plus design and publishing of your blogs and email newsletters. You can also add-on SEO research for your blog topics.

Our clients have been featured in...

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the detox market logo
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Raving Reviews

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Caroline Young / Yoga-Based Nutritionist + Registered Dietitian


"Before working with Virtuwell Balance I felt like my services were disjointed and not really clearly described or expressed through my website. ⁠ Now, I have more confidence in sending people to my website. It looks professional yet authentic to me and my vision for my business.⁠ ⁠Working with Virtuwell Balance was a fun and growth-inducing experience - I learned a lot in the process! I also felt like the team was really trying to understand my vision and create a clear representation of that through the website and all of its elements.⁠ ⁠ My favorite thing was that my brand's vision was completely seen and understood. I also really loved how organized everything was.⁠ ⁠ I think one of the biggest reasons why I am so happy about the outcome and this experience (aside from the fact that I LOVE the logo and website) is because I connect with Virtuwell Balance as a business, as well as feel aligned with Shayah and her love of travel, freedom, entrepreneurship, health, etc. I feel like if that weren't the case, perhaps the logo and website wouldn't reflect my business/brand as well as it does now."⁠

shayah reed virtuwell balance grow your wellness business

Hey there!

I'm Shayah, Owner & Director

I’m on a mission to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible by enabling health and wellness professionals like YOU to expand your reach, maximize your time, and improve your bottom line all while creating a healthier work life balance so you can be the best version of you and show up fully for your clients and customers.

I’m confident that my holistic minded marketing team and I are the best choice to help you grow your revenue and increase your impact! Let me explain why...


Launching March 4

The Mindful Marketer

A weekly resource for Health & Wellness Coaches, Private Practice Clinicians, Allied Health Professionals, and Functional Practitioners who are seeking genuine yet effective ways to market their business.

Receive relevant high-value design/marketing insights delivered straight to your inbox from our team of experts. We share actionable, up-to-date holistic marketing techniques that will resonate with your audience and focuses on building connections, not just clients/patients.

If you're ready to transform your marketing approach to align with your values, stay ahead of trends, and join thousands of like-minded practitioners who are learning to market their business in a way that FEELS GOOD, join us below!

You're in! Be sure to check your spam/promotions folder :)

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