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Branding & Website Redesign for a Psychotherapy Clinic in Toronto

Branding & Website Design for Psychotherapy Clinic in Toronto

A Modern Brand Identity and Website Redesign for a Psychotherapy Clinic in Toronto


Dr. Ferguson was growing her clinic and simultaneously outgrowing her old branding and website design which was no longer reflective of her offerings, unique approach, and the impact she's made throughout her career as a Psychologist.


Dr. Ferguson hired Virtuwell Balance for to create a new, modern brand identity for her clinic and a functional yet beautiful website design that would showcase her growing team, demonstrate their expertise, and help to bring in more leads to fill her associates case loads.

Branding & Website Design for Psychotherapy Clinic in Toronto


A modern brand identity and website redesign with online bookings for a psychotherapy clinic in Toronto. Dr. Ferguson was hesitant to use an online booking platform for website visitors to schedule initial appointments, and was using a contact form up until this point. Since one of her goals was to increase bookings via the website, we advised her that the integration of a booking platform would drastically help to increase client bookings. She took our advice and agreed to give it a try. Within 4 weeks of launching the new website and setting up the online bookings, they had increased their new client bookings by 100%.

Imagine this

A few months from now, you're reviewing your practice's performance metrics, and you notice something remarkable. There's been a significant uptick in client engagement, consultations are consistently booked, and your brand's reach has expanded beyond your expectations.

This isn't just a hopeful scenario—it's a tangible outcome we've achieved with our clients repeatedly at Virtuwell Balance, and it's a future we envision for your practice!

Ready to Elevate Your Practice’s Impact Through Intentional, Value-Based Design and Marketing?

We’ll navigate each phase of our personalized, hands-on process with you, leading your journey in strategy, design, and implementation.


Your result? An authentic, professional brand, website and marketing strategy intentionally crafted to meet your unique practice’s goals, mission and vision!



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