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Which Website Platform is Best for Health & Wellness Businesses?

If you're new to the world of website design and looking for a platform to create your website on, you might feel like someone who is new to coffee and just steps foot inside a cafe for their first time... they know it's all coffee but they have no idea if they should choose a latte, cappuccino, flat white, Americano, and the list literally goes on!!!

Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress.. Oh my!!??

Don't worry, I've got you - if you've been trying to decide which platform you should use for your website, look no further!

In the last 6 years I’ve designed almost 100 websites on all kinds of different platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, WIX, Showit, etc... and WIX is by far my favourite!😍⁠ ⁠ I built my first WIX website in 2015 and I've been using this platform ever since, not only for my own website, but now I design ALL of my client's websites on WIX as well.⁠

In this blog post I’m going to break down the main reasons why I have fallen in love with WIX and why you will too!

wix website design - which website platform is best

Seven reasons why I love WIX above all other platforms

1. TRUE drag-and-drop design capabilities

From a designers perspective, this is just pure magical✨ You have the design freedom and ability to place anything anywhere you want on a page. Unlike other platforms that call themselves "drag and drop" but you still need to code certain aspects to get things just the way you want, or like on Squarespace how you need to design within blocks... This can really limit your designs and make your site look bulky! That being said - if you have zero design skills, then you might struggle with the amount of flexibility they give you, BUT that's why I'm here.🤗⁠ After I design the site for you it’s super easy to make basic edits and changes yourself (I even give all of my clients personalized tutorial videos).

2. SO MUCH MORE than a website platform

WIX has an amazing CRM (customer relationship management) built right into your dashboard and every website plan gets the basic level for FREE😱 Yep, this is an amazing bonus of hosting your website with WIX because you'll be able to send branded invoices to your clients and do all of your email marketing right from your WIX dashboard. It's SO convenient to have everything in one place.

Curious to see what the WIX email marketing looks like and how the automation works from the clients end? CLICK HERE to join my email community (you can unsubscribe after if you want) just so you can check it out! Keep in mind, the emails can be fully customizable and brandable to your business.

3. It’s the cheapest in the industry

The most basic WIX plan starts at only $8 USD per month🤯 which is the cheapest in the industry and it’s what a lot of my clients start with until they’re ready to add a shop or online bookings to their website. In that case the price increases to $16 USD per month. If you want to compare the WIX plans visit⁠. Most of my clients are the Combo plan or Business Basic plan.

4. The MOST amount of templates and an unlimited free trial

At Virtuwell Balance, I design all of our clients websites from scratch and completely customized. But, if you want to try and go the DIY route and you are looking for a platform to offer you lots of templates to choose from, then you will find the biggest variety from WIX.

It’s also nice to note that an entire website can be setup and designed on Wix for free before you decide to upgrade/purchase. The only “cost” is that they put the WIX logo at the top and bottom (header and footer) of the trial websites. Most other platforms (ike Squarespace and Wordpress themes) only give you 7 or 14 days trial, which really isn’t much time to explore all of your options and functionalities.

5. Mobile viewing optimization

With so many people using smart phones and tablets these days, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for optimal viewing of your website content on all devices. WIX has a built in mobile layout that transfers all of the content and pages from your desktop layout and lets you organize it in a vertical, mobile-friendly format. To help simplify your content for phones, it allows you to setup size adjustments and hide certain items in the mobile view so that it's as easy to use as possible. WIX mobile design even features a built in mobile-menu that can be totally customized.

Do you have a mobile friendly website??⁠ 📲 You can enter your URL HERE to do a mobile site test!

6. Fast and helpful tech support

Right from your WIX dashboard, you can schedule a call with a WIX tech support for free! You'll be connected with a helpful tech specialist who actually knows what they're talking about and can help you solve any problems you’re having. I usually get connected to someone in California or Florida. The WIX support staff will patiently help you troubleshoot specific problems or answer questions you have regarding your website.

They also have a pretty good online Support Forum where you can post questions and they usually get answered within a day.

7. WIX is incredibly user-friendly

I know… you’re a smart, modern, online entrepreneur. A total go-getter doing the work you know you’re meant to do in the world. You want to spend less energy working on designing, automating and configuring your awesome business, and more energy doing the amazing work you love. Right??

At the end of the day, I want to design websites for high-vibe entrepreneurs ready to up level their business. I don’t want to provide something that isn’t user-friendly and will take away your precious time. At Virtuwell Balance, we love that Wix is incredibly user-friendly and easy for anybody (no matter their experience with tech or design) to be able to edit and make changes to their own website. I have never had any complaints about WIX being too hard for my clients to figure out - but when I used to use WordPress and Squarespace on the other hand… different story!😬

After I decided to streamline my business by only offering websites designed on WIX, I was worried that some potential clients might be opposed - but actually, the opposite was true and this soon became my specialty.

Now, many people are coming to me for a website re-design on WIX because they are tired of spending their time trying to figure out how to make changes on Wordpress, Squarespce, etc. In fact, many of them say “I wish I would have used Wix to begin with”, like this review from a recent client…

“I dumped an ungodly amount of money on a WordPress website some years ago not realizing how hard it is to manage and update it myself. The learning curve for WordPress is daunting so I ended having to shovel out more money for a developer to make changes when I needed them. Enter Shayah! She made the recommendation that I should transition to Wix and with her help we created my current website. It is not only way BETTER than my old one, but she showed me exactly how to log in, make changes myself, and avoid hiring a developer again and again. She did an amazing job in designing my site and I continue to ask for her help and expertise to this day.”

- Dan Reed, Top Prospect Careers

After I decided to streamline my business by only offering websites designed on WIX, I was worried that some potential clients might be opposed - but actually, the opposite was true and this soon became my specialty.

Of course, I am always available if my clients want ongoing support, but it’s very empowering when they can manage their own website and easily make edits - and it makes me feel good too.🥰

Here's a few of the sites I've designed recently using WIX...

So, are you convinced to use WIX yet!?

Want support creating your beautiful new WIX website that helps you attract new clients and streamline your business??⁠ Learn more about our website design services HERE.

Your website should be one of your biggest business assets and your best friend in building your business – let it collect potential leads, sell your services for you, and schedule future appointments while you’re out there transforming the world with your gifts. Is there anything better?

Fill out my application form to get started!💕⁠ I promise, you’ll love WIX too.




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