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Secrets to Selling on Instagram

secrets to selling on instagram - learn more

So, you want to learn about selling on Instagram?

We all know that social media is a great way to advertise and market our businesses, but how many of us actually develop a productive and effective strategy to connect with our audience and increase our sales?

Not many!

Most of us are spending WAY too much time on Instagram and we're not focused on the money making tasks AND we're measuring the wrong KPIs (key performance indicators).

What's the point of growing your following if you aren't converting any of those followers into sales and clients? If you aren’t making sales from your Instagram account, your problem is NOT that you need a bigger audience. Your problem is that you can’t convert the audience that you already have.

It's not about getting in front of all the people, it's about getting in front of the right people.

Followers and audience growth is great. Bringing more potential clients into your corner of the internet on a daily basis is OBVIOUSLY a good thing, but where I see people getting tripped up is that they’re ONLY focusing on growth when they need to be focused on conversion AKA, what to do with those people once they become part of your audience.

I know people with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram who are hardly making any money, and others with 800 followers who are making six figures online. Which would you rather be!?

One important thing to note here is that consistency is key – and I know that so many of you struggle with consistency as well as your confidence in showing up online and ultimately this effects your ability to sign clients. Right??

I've totally been there!

Don’t worry, that is exactly why I’ve been working on the perfect resource to help you overcome this and start converting your followers into clients.

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I am so excited for you to start putting these strategies into motion. Instagram is my absolute favourite platform for attracting and signing clients – I get 80% of my sales from the gram’ by using the strategies that I’m sharing with you in this freebie!

These strategies will not only help you to consistently grow your account with new targeted followers, but also prime specific ideal clients through your DM’s so that when you pitch your services, they will be ready to buy. When you opt-into the newsletter, I also provide you with my secrets to writing captivating captions that convert.

See you inside The Mindful Marketer! 





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