Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions all in one place!

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What platform do you use for the website?

WIX!! I have designed more than 50 websites using Wix and I've been working with them since 2015. I've also designed websites on Wordpress, Squarepress, Showit, etc... and Wix is by far my absolute favourite platform and most user friendly interface. You'll also be able to use the built in free features like email marketing and invoicing your clients - all from the same platform!

What are the prices like for hosting and domain?

When you first launch your site Wix will give you a free domain for one year (yay!), after that the yearly prices are between $9 and $20 USD. You can find the price details for hosting HERE depending on what plan you need. Most of our clients use the Combo plan if they are just getting started in business. *If you're wondering what hosting is, it's a monthly/yearly fee every website has to pay no matter the platform. It's essentially the cost to have your website on the internet! *If you're wondering what a domain is, that's your website address!

How do I know if the domain I want is available?

You can check right HERE! If you already have a domain we can transfer it to Wix.

What if I don't have a logo or branding?

Branding is mandatory before we start designing your website. It's very difficult to create a site that sells if you don't have your brand identity established first, so you have two options: 1) You can work 1:1 with out brand stylist to create a stand-out brand identity that reflects your business mission and values. 2) If you want to DIY your own logo, colour pallet, and fonts you can do so with Canva and submit your branding for review before we begin the website design.

Are we friends on social media yet?

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so I can follow along your entrepreneurial journey!