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Below you'll find a handful of our amazing clients and what they have to say about our experience together :) 

Caroline Young

Yoga-Based Nutritionist + Registered Dietitian, Whole Self Nutrition

“An absolute joy to work with! ”

"Before working with Virtuwell Balance I felt like my services were disjointed and not really clearly described or expressed through my website. ⁠ Now, I have more confidence in sending people to my website. It looks professional yet authentic to me and my vision for my business.⁠


⁠Working with Virtuwell Balance was a fun and growth-inducing experience - I learned a lot in the process! I also felt like the team was really trying to understand my vision and create a clear representation of that through the website and all of its elements.⁠ ⁠ My favorite thing was that my brand's vision was completely seen and understood. I also really loved how organized everything was.⁠ ⁠


I think one of the biggest reasons why I am so happy about the outcome and this experience (aside from the fact that I LOVE the logo and website) is because I connect with Virtuwell Balance as a business, as well as feel aligned with Shayah and her love of travel, freedom, entrepreneurship, health, etc. I feel like if that weren't the case, perhaps the logo and website wouldn't reflect my business/brand as well as it does now."⁠

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Laura & Shannon

“Virtuwell Balance is incredible!”

“We have been working with VB for so long that they are now considered a part of our CSK family!


They have helped bring our vision to life for Culture Shock Kombucha via our website design, email marketing, blogs and social media platforms. It is extremely important for us to provide high quality holistic content to our followers and with Shayah and her team, they always deliver. 


We have complete confidence in the VB team with every single project, post, blog or email they create. Every single time they WOW us as they always seem to go above and beyond our expectations. We can honestly say we would be lost without them as they are a huge asset to our business.”


Certified Nutritionist, Geri Araus Holistic Nutrition

“Shayah's an expert in her field!”

"Working with Shayah was an absolute pleasure! She is easy to work with, flexible and very professional.


Shayah is an expert in her field and has tons of knowledge with regard to web design, social media and can really support you in turning leads into clients. She has excellent time management & organizational skills, you are always informed at what stage your project is at and what she is working on. Shayah has great communication skills and is very knowledgeable with the different platforms and technology.


I would absolutely work with Shayah again and I confidently recommend her :-) "


Acupuncturist, Holistically Inspired


“She is the best out there! "

“Shayah helped me generate a lead magnet that my clients LOVED. She is a wonderful asset to a female entrepreneur who has a lot on her plate and needs help streamlining.


Shayah is the best out there in terms of social media management, strategy, and understanding what is needed to improve your business and grow your email list.


Plus, she's amazing-- easy to talk to, compassionate, and fun! I could not more highly recommend Shayah!


Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer, Suzylicious Fit

“Highly suggest Virtuwell Balance!”

"Shayah and her team was such a pleasure to work with. she helped me design my website seamlessly, taking the stress off of me immensely, especially when it came to all of the tech work and content writing.


The result was a beautifully well designed website that is perfectly fit for my personality and coaching style.


I highly suggest Virtuwell Balance and would work with Shayah again in a heart beat. I will definitely be recommending her to those seeking assistance with website design."

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