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3 Steps to Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Sales in Your Health & Wellness Business

Simplifying Sales

I meet SO MANY wellness entrepreneurs that have a difficult time selling their services, so today I’m sharing 3 main things that will bring you more clarity, confidence and sales in your business.

I’ve used this process in both my wellness business and my virtual assistance business, AND I’ve been sharing this with 1:1 clients for a few months now. It works!

Let’s be honest… It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to sell something to someone if you aren’t crystal clear (AND CONFIDENT) on why they need it in the first place, right? When you can explain to a potential client that you know EXACTLY how they fit into your process, why it’s the perfect solution to their problems, and what their immediate next step should be, it makes the "sales" piece feel SO much better for you, and makes a hell of a lot more sense for them to say YES. ⁠

So, how do you gain clarity and confidence in order to makes more sales?

The first step is narrowing down on these 3 things:

1) WHO are you serving? Get really clear on the type of person you want to work with. The more detailed you are, the easier everything else will be.

2) WHAT is the most pressing, immediate result your ideal clients (the people you identified in #1) want right now? What problem are they desperate to solve?

3) HOW do you/your programs/your offerings help them achieve that result? <<< THIS is what you need to know in order to develop your funnel.

Now, let’s break down #3 a little further...

This is the key thing you need to get clear on in order to develop your funnel. The value in coming up with a sales funnel process and breaking it all down, is that it gives you CONFIDENCE, and confidence = sales.

When I say funnel, I mean breaking down your HOW (#3) into three tiers that clearly leads/funnels your clients from start to finish, and beyond.

Here’s an example of the three-tier process:

✔️ a free/intro offer (lead magnet, freebie, consultation, etc.) that CLEARLY leads to...⁠

✔️ a mid-level offer (intensive session, mini-course, etc.) that CLEARLY leads to...⁠

✔️ your high-ticket offer (the ultimate thing you want to up-sell them into: one-on-one coaching, your signature program, etc.)⁠

So, once you have your WHO, WHAT, and HOW figured out, you need to focus on the first of the three tiers – your free/intro offer!

Your Free Intro Offer

Creating something of value to offer your potential clients/customers for free in exchange for their email address is also known as a lead magnet and there's a reason why they call it that - because it attracts leads!

People who hand over their email address in exchange for some of your valuable and useful information are considered your warm leads. ⁠ They have already shown interest in your business and with a little extra nourishment sent to their inbox they are likely to BUY. ⁠⠀⁠

Valuable lead magnets coupled with strategic sales funnels, has been the single most effective way for online businesses to grow their email list and develop a "know, like, and trust" factor with their audience resulting in leads and sales (yay!)

So take your time to develop a lead magnet that really speaks to your ideals clients. Do a little market research to find out what problems, solutions, and results they are looking for.

Also, don't worry about putting lots of time into something you're giving away for free... Trust me, the more valuable you can make your lead magnet, the better.⁠ I created a green smoothie challenge as my lead magnet on my health and wellness website which took me a few weeks to put it all together, but within 6 months it helped me collect nearly 2,000 emails leading to my first $10,000 in my wellness business.

The two most popular lead magnets I've made for this business (Virtuwell Balance) have been content upgrades from previous blog posts. I knew these would be popular lead generators because I did market research first!

You can download them by clicking on the images below :)



Market Research & Repurposing Content

Maybe the thought of sitting down and creating a document of information bores the socks of you?? And then the idea of designing that document/information into a beautiful PDF just leaves you with pure procrastination on never getting it done??⁠ I have a solution for you!⁠ A real quick and easy solution, which involves not much extra effort from yourself.⁠..⁠ It’s all about repurposing content!⁠⁠ Have a look back at your most popular pieces of content. Take note of what has received the most likes, views, saves, comments, etc. This speaks to what your audience is most interested in.⁠ See if you can notice a theme between your most popular content pieces and how they might be connected. ⁠

Then, do some market research. Ask your audience if they would like to see more of that type of content. If yes, then you have your idea for a lead magnet/freebie! You already know they have been interested in this topic before, and now you have confirmation that they want to see more... This is the recipe for a successful lead magnet that your audience will happily exchange their email for. ⁠⁠

Then, you continue to nurture your email list and introduce them to your mid-level offer (the second part of your funnel) and by now they are just waiting to buy/invest with you!

This is essentially how the sales funnel process works. It’s a pretty basic process once you get used to it, and it can be repeated for all different types of services, programs, and offers.

To Review...

When you know the WHO, WHAT, and HOW of your business, you can then break down your HOW into a 3-tier sales funnel process and everything truly begins to flow – especially when you have automated tools like email marketing set up for your business. This is how you begin to make sales on auto pilot!

Now What?

You probably think all this sounds great, and you know that having a valuable lead magnet is the best way to grow your email list, develop hot leads, and launch to an audience who wants to buy from you... BUT, maybe you feel lost in all the digital pieces needed to put the puzzle together? Even if you could figure it out, you know that's not how you want to be spending your time.

That’s where I come in!

I truly believe big results are more likely to happen when you feel less anxious, less stressed, and enjoy the process. ⁠I love helping wellness entrepreneurs find more confidence, more motivation, and more time and energy to be present, rather than overwhelmed with all the tasks.

Imagine how it would feel to have someone by your side giving you all the support as you create and launch your new offer, perfect your evergreen funnel, and help you implement a strategy that attracts your dream clients.

You can click here to learn more about my lead generation services, and if you choose to go about this on your own, just remember start with WHO, WHAT, HOW and then break down your HOW into a three-tier process. Once you have this process planned out you can start developing your freebie offer and hook it up to your email marketing platform.

I hope this has given you some actionable advice. Happy lead generating!





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