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How to Create More JOY in your Business

Does your business bring you joy? I mean, when you think about your business: your journey so far, what your day-to-day looks like, your clients, the life it helps you create and the impact it helps you make... Do you get EXCITED??🤩 It took me a while to get to this place with my business, but the actual transformation happened really quickly – because once you decide that you want a business that brings you JOY, you change it from the inside out!

how to enjoy a work-life balance - learn more

Today I'm sharing 4 steps you can take if you want to create a business that’s going to bring you joy and fulfillment every day, not just at the big milestones!👇

1) Plan for a LIFE that brings you joy, and build a business to support it

I’d be willing to bet that you don’t JUST want to work, right? You want to live your life! In fact, if you’re like me, you created your business so that you COULD have that life. So why are you living to work?

Instead of trying to live life around your business, build a business that supports the life you want. Design your offers, your work hours and your client relationships to fit with it. And then, when you sit down to work, you’ll feel that joy because it’s a natural fit with your dream life!🥰

2) Don’t work with people that aren’t an absolute HELL YES for you

Nothing kills a vibe faster than a misaligned client! I’ve had my fair share of clients who were NOT good fits, but I was either too scared to pass up the business (because I was operating from a scarcity mentality) or the money was too good to say no to at the time. The more you work with clients you are aligned with, the better you can help them, the better reviews they will give you, and it's more likely they will refer you to other people/more clients!

What I learned is this: no single client is worth the headache of misalignment, no matter how much they’re paying you! So, if someone isn’t a “hell yes” for you, it’s a “hell no!”

3) Don’t jump on the shiny new trends just because everyone is doing them

Real talk: I still haven’t made an IG Reel🙃

It’s not that I couldn’t do it, or that I’m avoiding it, but it’s just one more task to take my attention that won’t actually move my business forward. And if I tried to make myself do everything exciting that came up, I’d be right back to the overworked, overwhelmed mess I was 3 years ago!

The more pressure you put on yourself to jump on trends, the more likely you are to overwork yourself. So instead, choose your actions and your activity intentionally, and make sure there’s clear alignment between them and your goals!

4) Don't spread yourself too thin along the way

The fastest way to rob yourself of joy is to spread yourself too thin. From a neurological perspective, it’s actually impossible to feel joy and overwhelm at the same time!! So when you create a situation where you’re overworked and stressed out, you physically take away your capacity for joy.

Here are my foolproof ways to keep from being overworked:

👉Get clarity on which actions are actually moving the needle in your business

👉Outsource the things that aren’t in your zone of genius, or that you don’t enjoy


👉Create scalable offers

Do those things, and you’ll begin creating the mental space to feel gratitude, peace and JOY in your business!!😘


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May 27, 2023

I really enjoy your writing Shayah! Truly beautiful nuggets of wisdom!


Mar 31, 2023

These are great tips SHAYAH, thanks for sharing! its so important that we enjoy our work whether it’s a job or our business :)

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