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Top 3 Tips for a Successful Launch

I had a few people reach out to me after my last blog post went live (14 elements to a profitable sales page) asking more questions about launching. I think it's super exciting that so many of you are working on launching your website, online course, or signature program!😁 And that gave me the inspiration and motivation to create this post.

During my own launches and helping clients with theirs, I've uncovered 3 TOP TIPS for a successful launch to make the process seamless, fun, successful and most importantly, PROFITABLE💰

Writing down tips for a successful launch

TIP #1: Organized planning & strategy

Before you can do ANYTHING in your launch, you have to map out your strategy in as much detail as possible. I recommend breaking your planning/strategy down into the following 3 phases:

  1. Warm-up

  2. Freebie

  3. Open cart

By breaking things down into these phases, you can better tailor your content and your promotional material to the stage of the buyer journey your audience is at, and you can better identify your best-fit clients at each and every stage.

Pro tip: the key to good strategy is a good project management software! I use Asana, and I highly recommend using a platform that will help you visualize and lay out your strategy to identify gaps.

TIP #2: Warm up your audience with VALUE

Whether you’ve got a super engaged audience or you're not quite there yet, EVERY launch requires a value phase, where you warm up your audience to your specific offer. This is one of the most important tips for a successful launch, and the key here is to add as much value as possible!

Here are 3 tips for adding value effectively:

✔️ make sure you’re addressing REAL pain points your audience faces

✔️ keep everything relevant to the offer you’re launching

✔️ try to make everything actionable so your audience can trust that you’ll get them results

Whether it’s through an ebook, a webinar, a challenge or anything else, make sure you keep these 3 things in mind to make sure you’re adding real value.

Pro tip: pay attention to the value content that performs well in your normal social media marketing schedule, and replicate that during your launch phase!

TIP #3: Make the most of your Open Cart phase

When you’re in your open cart phase, it’s SO important to create urgency so that people act on your offer! You want to make a BANG when your cart opens, but you also want to keep that hype all the way up until your cart closes.

The average open cart phase is around 5-10 days, so here are 5 ways you can make the most of that time to maximize sales:

️✔️ Show up for your audience EVERY SINGLE DAY during open cart phase

✔️ Keep adding NEW value during the open cart phase so that your audience doesn’t get fatigued

✔️ Openly address objections and answer questions

✔️ Find ways to re-target people who have visited your sales page or are on the fence

✔️ Keep your energy high so your audience will catch your enthusiasm

If you can smash your planning and strategy, warm up your audience with value, and make the most of your open cart phase, you’ll be well on your way to a super profitable and successful launch!!


I’d LOVE to hear about what you're planning to launch before the end of the year - a new program, course, service, or maybe a new website? Whatever it is, I hope my tips for a successful launch are helpful for you. Don't forget to read 14 elements to a profitable sales page if you haven't yet.😘


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